World-class wireless alarm systems, made and fitted by Yale

  • Insurance-compatible for lower premiums
  • Mess-free wireless technology
  • Complete control from your mobile
  • Optional 24/7 monitoring for extra protection
  • Completely bespoke for your individual home

Since 1853 we've revolutionised home security more times than we can remember, so it's no surprise that our latest innovation, the wireless SmartHome system, is the UK's most robust and secure home alarm.

Some of SmartHome's features at-a-glance

Professional alarm installation by Yale

Our expert Yale Security Point engineers will install your alarm system for you in a matter of hours, ensuring that it set up in the way which best protects your home. The equipment and installation itself can also be certified by the Security Systems and Alarm Inspection Board (SSAIB) for Insurance Company approval and possible saving on your premiums.

Total peace-of-mind from Yale

We're proudly the most trusted name in home security with a reputation for quality, and the SmartHome is no different. It's a Grade 2 System conforming to EN50131 which means it meets the highest European standards.

Simple to expand and customise

The SmartHome can be configured to secure and future-proof any home, apartment or mansion. Need more sensors? Want to avoid pets triggering false alarms? Want a secret panic button or some smoke alarms? No problem, you can add them in seconds when you build your system. 

State-of-the-art alarm technology

The SmartHome is full of ingenious cutting-edge security innovations capable of out-smarting even the most intelligent of intruders. For example, you can remotely trigger an upstairs light to give the impression you're still at home.


Simply enter your PIN code to arm & disarm your SmartHome system in a matter of seconds. For even speedier operation, you can add additional wireless remote keyfobs to control your system in one-click, meaning you can even disarm your system as you approach your property -- just like a car alarm. 

Here's what our customers say about us

But there's another type of robbery to look out for, too. 

Other alarm companies may try and lock you into long, expensive contracts. Not Yale.

Inferior alarm companies typically lock you into a 36-month contract that you can't get out of no matter how hard you try. You could be paying up to £32-a-month and over 36-months your cheap alarm system will have cost you £1,014. This sneaky hidden cost makes a £99 alarm system very expensive!

But with the Yale SmartHome, you can choose whether to have the 24/7 monitoring service or not, which runs on a 12 month contract. In the same vein, we believe being safe should be easy. So, we designed a security system that is simple to purchase direct from us online, and can work with an additional SIM card accessory instead of a landline.

Fully customisable, and completely yours.