Each Yale SmartHome Alarm System is Fully Customisable to Meet the Security Requirements of Your Home

Professional Installation by an Expert Yale Engineer

Yale home alarm installation and fitters

Our Yale Security Point Engineers are home security experts and your alarm installation will be done in a way which best protects your individual home. Your Yale alarm system installer will eliminate any weak points in your home security by positioning your alarm sensors for maximum protection.

Not only that but all our engineers and office staff have passed a complete background check against the Criminal Records Bureau for your complete peace-of-mind.

In addition, by having your new alarm professionally installed gives you a prestigious Grade 2 system. This means that your property will protected by the highest grade of alarm for normal domestic use. Usually, only a bank or jewelers would need a higher grade.

Unlike other alarm companies, with Yale you actually own your entire system. (With other companies, the upfront cost makes it appear that you're buying their system but beware - the sneaky small print says youre only leasing it!)

No False Alarms with Pet-Friendly Motion Sensors

Pets up to 26kg go undetected so your alarm can be left on when they're home alone

Configure your SmartHome Alarm System to include our pet-friendly sensors to allow pets under 26kgs to go undetected by the motion sensors. This means you can keep your alarm system on—even when your pets are home alone. Your cats and small dogs can have the freedom of the house without triggering a false alarm. 

You will never guess - we ordered a Yale Alarm system on Saturday and by the following Friday it was all fitted. Nice man, chatty, informed, helpful, fitted the door contacts, sensors, keypad - all in less than 2 hours. Keypad programmed and set - clean, no wires, no mess - great service, great product, easy to use, first rate. Dont use anyone else - Yale never find a better alarm!

Thomas Hall  ★★★★★

Control Your Yale Alarm System With Your Mobile Phone

  • Arm & disarm your alarm from your mobile phone from anywhere in the world..

  • Give cleaners, tradesmen, friends or family access with a 'use-once' code.

  • Check your alarm's status and monitor activity in your home.

  • SmartHome can call up to 6 telephone numbers when an alarm event is triggered

Had a great experience! 2 guys turned up, one started fitting all the bits while the other answered all my questions. I wasn't forced to buy anything and everything I did buy was explained to me over and over again. The alarm is perfect and works very well. A simple but very affective product! My family now feels safe, that's the main thing. Thanks Yale!

Peter Trippick  ★★★★★

Instantly Trigger Your SmartHome with a Wireless Panic Button

A panic button is an excellent addition to your SmartHome Security System, giving you complete control over your alarm in the event of an emergency. 

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By hiding a wireless panic button in a secret location like inside a bedside table or underneath a windowsill, you can quickly set your alarm off whenever you feel in danger without the need to reveal yourself.

Here's how it works:

  • By holding down the button for three seconds, you’ll send a wireless signal to trigger your SmartHome alarm immediately. This can easily be cancelled too, meaning no false alarms by inquisitive children.

  • You can even choose to spread multiple panic buttons throughout your home for maximum protection and site-wide flexibility.

  • If you have 24/7 monitoring, our operators will know the difference between regular tripping of your alarm and a distress signal coming from your panic button, so the necessary action can be swiftly taken.

Within a few days of my phone call to the company we were contacted by the fitter Robert Price who arrived within a week. There was no push to buy unnessesary extras that you just don't need for a secure alarm system. Robert did a security check and advised the best place for fittings of the sensors. House now feels secure for a lot less than the local security firms would have charged. Peace of mind!

Duncan P  ★★★★★

A Completely Wireless Alarm System - No Mess, No Hassle. 

  • Proven wireless technology, which protects against intruders cutting wires to disarm it
  • There's no need to drill or damage your decor when it's installed in your home
  • SmartHome is quickly installed by our CRB-checked expert engineers
  • Our engineers can add new sensors and modules at any time after installation
  • Only the main control panel requires mains power
  • Your system also has battery backup, so you’re protected even when the power goes out.

Would highly recommend the product and the service I received. Courteous, helpful people on the phone and efficient service at installation. Plenty of time taken to talk me through operation of system and a run-through practice session. Can't fault them. A 5-star service.

Kenneth Bramall ★★★★★

Optional 24/7 Monitoring for Police Assistance

Yale's 24/7 monitoring team are standing-by to alert you the moment your or smoke alarms are triggered.

For less than 50 pence a day, you'll have total peace-of-mind knowing that Yale's monitoring team are ensuring the safety of you and your home around-the-clock. With this optional monitoring plan, the moment your alarm is triggered, we'll know about it. We'll call you straightaway to check that you're OK. If you're not available to answer the call, we'll alert the next person on your specified list of contacts. 

On top of that your monitoring can pay for itself: Many insurers either insist on it or strongly recommend it and reward you with discounts of up to 20%. For example Direct Line offers 12.5% (7.5% for unmonitored alarms).

For an optional fee, we can also alert the police and fire service if required. Your engineer will discuss with you what's best for your individual circumstances on installation day. 

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Early-Warning Against Potentially Deadly Fire and Smoke

The SmartHome doesn’t just detect intruders, it can detect smoke too -- even when your SmartHome isn’t armed. If you’re not at home and one is set off, you’ll get an alert to inform you.

The Fire Service actually recommends having one smoke detector per floor of your home, with one in each room (aside from your bathrooms, kitchen and garage), which ensures full coverage against the danger of a devastating fire.

Our detectors also run on long-life, highly efficient batteries. The SmartHome will even warn you when they’re running low.

I wanted to fit an alarm system after one of my neighbours had a burglary. I wanted to get it fitted urgently and Yale have done it without a fuss! They even gave me the appointment at my preferred time (this was very helpful as both myself and my wife goes to work). The guy explained the system very well. It was a good experience. After a few days we did manage to press wrong buttons and thought we messed up the system. I called the customer care and an engineer explained everything and solved the problem very quickly. It was really helpful.

Mark B  ★★★★★

A SmartHome Alarm Saves You Hundreds

Home alarms no contract

Unlike other alarm companies offering a '£99' alarm and then hammering you with extortionate monthly fees and hidden charges—Yale's monitoring protects your home round-the-clock for only £15 a month.

What's more, there are no hidden charges, no activation fees and you don't even need a landline if you opt for the GSM unit. For a one-off £159, the GSM unit allows your SmartHome to use a cellular signal to connect to the monitoring centre. Other companies often charge an additional monthly fee for a cellular link.

Most alarm companies will charge you £29 every month and keep you locked into a 36-month contract that auto-renews if you forget to cancel it. And even if you do cancel, they charge you over-the-odds to keep the equipment you were leasing. Otherwise you have to pay a hefty fee for them to uninstall it, often leaving you with the expense and hassle of redecoration. With Yale, you own your SmartHome from the outset.

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The whole process was so easy, you order on-line, they contact you in the evening to make an appointment, they even offer fitting the alarm in the evenings too! On the day (I had requested an early start) the local Yale Technician turned up at 07:00 and did a quick survey of the house and made his base in the conservatory, he was straight at it, no interruptions he only asked me things when he needed to know something... Then before you know a couple of hours later the job was done and he gave me a practical demonstration! Its been fantastic, I went for the home connect with the key fob switch on and off, its perfect for switching on the alarm once you're in bed and for switching off when you get up! It even phoned me up when my mother accidently set it off one day, I was able to call her straight back and talk her through the simple process to turn it off!

Miss Davis  ★★★★★

Stay in-the-loop with Mobile Phone Text Alerts

gsm mobile house control

With our optional GSM mobile alarm system technology (£199), you will be alerted in real-time if your home alarm system should go off. You’ll receive fast, direct text alerts, so you can stay up to date with your home security at all times.

It can also be setup to tell you whenever the alarm is armed or disarmed, so you know whenever someone goes in and out of your home.

Here's how some of our other customers typically use this feature:

  •  You'll sleep better when you know your loved ones have arrived home safely.
  •  You'll know whether the dog-walker has taken Max out 'to do his business'.
  •  You'll be aware of exactly which sensor has been triggered. 

Get lower insurance premiums with SSAIB certification

Since the SmartHome boasts 'Grade 2' installation status (the highest for regular domestic use), we're able to provide specialist SSAIB certification which can be passed onto your insurance provider for potentially much lower premiums. 

This certification tells your insurers that your system has been installed and maintained by fully-trained and qualified engineers, all of which operate to British and European Standards of quality. Along with the certificate, you get a comprehensive extra inspection to check that your installation meets both SSAIB and Yale Security Point standards. Of course, this is all optional to you and doesn't require payment today. 

Because of this, insurance companies value third party SSAIB accredication highly, meaning you not only get peace-of-mind, but also the benefit of cheaper home insurance. 

Arm & Disarm in Seconds with A Remote Keyfob - Just Like Your Car

Use your fob when you've parked up to disarm your system - no need for a PIN.

These handy remote keyfobs give you the one-click ease-of-use usually reserved for cars or garages. They enable you to arm & disarm your SmartHome alarm at a distance, removing the need for you to quickly enter a PIN code upon entering your property and allowing you to easily secure your home after you've left.

Plus, in the event of an emergency you can trigger the keyfobs panic button to raise the alarm, giving you portable peace-of-mind and the functionality to further deter would-be intruders from targeting your home.